Friday, May 28, 2010


I was talking to someone the other day who related the story of a person who had lived their life loudly being one way, only to suddenly change directions and begin living loudly in a directly opposite fashion. This person made the statement "Some people are such hypocrites."

While I do agree that the world is full of hypocrites, I began to wonder later if that wasn't perhaps a bit mis-stated. Think about it. We say or hear all the time that life is a journey; that we are each a work in progress. We hope to be progressing forwards but at times we all slide backwards a bit instead. If the person in the scenario had a true change of heart, sudden or not, and was living better isn't that evidence of a person in progress instead of a hypocrite?

Anyway, I know that I have come through changes in my life, and that things I felt strongly about before I now feel strongly about, but differently. Perhaps we are a little hypocritical, but as long as we are genuine and honest each moment, that hypocrisy is probably more evidence of a person in transition than anything else. I for one will work harder today to choose to see the changing person rather than get a chip about everyone for every little thing. :)

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