Sunday, August 1, 2010

Creation Perfected

In the beginning God created
the heavens, Earth and the seas.
Thousands of years later His
continuing creation produced me.
How interesting that He wrought me
with His own words, not hands.
You'd think so much practice over time
would by now produce something grand.
But I am not a whit amazing; and
am flawed in so very many ways.
I must struggle every blessed moment
for my lips to form goodly words and praise.
These hands are shapen in iniquity,
as was this sinful, untrustworthy heart.
God's creation not perfected over time,
but given free will from the start.
So now how does the creation live up
to the Creator and His great name?
When we get so wrapped up in imperfection
and casting upon others our own blame?
One thing I know for certain is true
before one hefts the very first stone,
is that God in His deity declared it,
we will face His judgment standing alone.
Nobody to blame for imperfections, for sins.
No excuse of simple humanity for our flaws.
When God demands your accounting to Him,
He is not judging that moment what you deem the cause.
Creation moves on, has continued; I have a child.
These questions she too will someday face.
I have no report to give her of our lives
except of course "By His grace..."
Yes, God did not create perfection in man;
He wanted repentance to be a choice.
So while on Earth I am with myself afflicted
I will practice His Words and in praise raise my voice.
Echos of mercy ring loudly throughout my life;
again, they are there only by His saving grace.
So I will echo back with my service with full heart
until I see 'welcome home' across His face.

Heaven attained is creation perfected... man simply cannot do this on his own.