Friday, January 28, 2011


What? A blog two days in a row? Why, I never! :) There is a reason for this, though. For one, the kids are napping and/or being quiet. For another thing, my sister and I are enjoying that quiet by watching a little something and simultaneously enjoying modern technology. :) 

ANYWAY, this blog is a little bit dated but I saw something that reminded me of Thanksgiving. I saw the dress shoes of my niece and my sister sitting side-by-side. :) You see, my entire immediate family was in to visit, which was very special. After everyone had gotten in and was comfortably playing around, eating, and chatting there was a moment where I contentedly surveyed the scene. All these years apart and we still fit together like a well-oiled machine, even with all the new kiddies that have been added since the last time. 

Then I noticed it... twenty-two pair of shoes, twelve of them ranging from tiny to child-sized, all neatly set in pairs in the foyer just inside the door. Those shoes represented the feet of everyone I love the most in the world (aside from the babies, whose shoes were not present) and have been blessed to share DNA with. I was tickled at the neatness of it, and what that little pile said about the consideration of these people for my new home and carpet. I was amazed by the size of it, and blessed that God has seen fit to allow our family to grow almost without abandon over the years. 

The day was emotion-rich anyway, as my dad had just been released from the hospital and my sister, brother-in-love and their kids had been spared a worse fate in the accident they'd had on the way over. Somehow those shoes represented all of my heart in one random place. Two months later I am still affected, still touched, by the memory of those shoes. I hope the next time they come together in a bunch isn't five or six years away. I need those shoes in my life... I need their owners in my life. <3

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Goings on...

There isn't much going on, but I am experimenting with blog changes. I'd love to know what you think. I was better at html on myspace back in the day, but I will adjust to how things are done on blogger... eventually. It is just a matter of time! :) 

In the meantime, let me just say what an amazing thing it is to be alive! I am reminded sometimes that when I was going through full-on depression how little anything mattered and how, more than anything, I had lost 'myself'. These days I would say I can experience genuine, full happiness again, and I am loving it! 

Be warned though, the day will come when I get really candid about that topic and the way it seems to still be such a taboo topic amongst Christians - and even the role of responsibility we have one to another when any of God's children is struggling in this way. When that day comes, do not claim shock, okay? Okay. That's settled.

The week is going by quickly this time around. I am enjoying the company of siblings and nephews and nieces. That dis-arranges schooling a bit, but not in the least harmful way. Even more so, it is great for my girl to have the sibling experience, even if it is vicariously. 

Whatever you have going on right now, no matter how big or small, know that you are loved and worth loving, accepted and worth accepting. This week people have gone on to rest and new babies have entered the world. It is all so much bigger than we are. Instead of worrying about it or trying to plan it out carefully why not breathe a minute and ask God what this single moment should hold. Life is much more enjoyable when you live in the present. :)