Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Great news on a birthday... :)

Yesterday my daddy turned 56. He's still the handsomest man I know (other than my hubby), and has held his age very well. (Not that he's even old yet! lol) In all his family he is the strongest and the best looking... in all the world, perhaps! But then, I am a notorious daddy's girl and even as an adult I value and appreciate my parents more every day; they really are the best a set of kids could ever have!

In addition to the day marking my father's birth, we also got some great news... we are officially going to buy/build our first home! Nothing major, but closer to hubs work and get this - cheaper! Who knew that it would one day be cheaper to build a home than to rent an apartment!?!

I not only look forward to getting the process started, finished and moving in, I also look forward immensely to never again having inspections! I did not mind the maintenance visits, and the lady who comes once a year to make sure we are not abusing the apartment or property is very kind and yet... and yet...

There is something intrinsically NOT MINE in having people stream through at will to maintain or inspect our living place. When we take possession and move into our home this fall it will be one thing, and one thing only... OURS. We will change our own heater, check our own smoke detector batteries and see to our own other maintenance issues. True, there will be no landlord to pay for it when the toilet seat unhinges or breaks or whatever, but those responsibilities are part of growing up and you know what? I believe we are quite ready! :)

*Tune in tomorrow when I am more 'awake' and can tell you the heart-load of praise, honor and glory I have to the Lord for this, as well as the most recent updates on our progress! :)

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