Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mom stuff, Kid stuff, Earth stuff :)

**Mom stuff... I'm pooped! ha ha I have been working on wrapping up our first-ever school year as a family, researching and putting my all into the process of deciding to build a home, scouring through bills and potential bills and carriers for prices and estimates and also well, you know... all the other typical mom stuff.

When we began home school it was with preschool in 2008 and was sooo easy! We went into kindergarten and suddenly, poof, tons of paperwork involved as well as lots of mom-hours (instead of man get it? hehe) spent reading and writing instructions so I could then write up 185 days of nine subjects, so I could then grade each, record progress etc, etc, etc.

**Kid stuff... age five ushered in talking. I am not referring to learning to speak, I am talking about real, all-the-time talking!!

I always appreciated that my daughter was never a simple 'why' child; that she has always asked instead really informed and complicated questions for a child her age. I took it as a sign of intelligence. I still do. Somewhere in there though, I began to notice that other girls seem to talk more and more the closer they get to the age of seven until it is intense, in-your-face all the time yap, yap, yapping about everything under the sun.

I crossed my fingers and hoped with all my heart but no, age five hit and so did 24-hour talking. I think it is amplified by my daughter being an 'only', because there are no siblings to take the brunt of her chatter. There is also no daddy until evening hours so all day there is just me!! More and more often lately she walks right up to me, presses in close and... you get it, TALKS!! It is non-stop, and while adorable by the time I have been alone in chatter central for eleven hours straight, I could willingly yank a few hairs from my own scalp and run away screaming! (Aren't you glad mommies run this sort of insanity daily through a mental shredder and start fresh so we don't actually do these things!?!?!)

Combine mom stuff and kid stuff, with the stress (albeit the good kind) about moving, schooling and preparing for both of those items to hit again in a big way a few short months from now and... well, Mommy could really use a break!  lol  Not a long one. I would miss my precious angel oh-so much and that non-stop chatter being suddenly swapped for dead silence would probably get to me too. *Shrugs shoulders 'what can ya do' style and chuckles*

**Earth stuff... Several months back I learned about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, located in the Great Pacific Gyre. One of many videos on this subject It was devastating! I had already wondered how beneficial it would be for us to live more responsibly, but that gave me a stronger sense of urgency.

Whether or not you believe it is true, a bad thing, or that we are personally being affected; regardless how you feel about the environment in general, this much trash in God's ocean is unacceptable! 

I do not buy for a moment that caring about the Earth is a political or lost vs. saved issue, or that it means believing in global warming. Bear in mind that when God gave Adam (and thus, mankind) dominion over the Earth, He also gave knowledge for the care of it. God made the world, whole and beautiful. The only 'bad' things He himself created into the world were weeds and thorns stated to be man's laboring punishment for sin. True to the nature of man, our tending of the Earth has decomposed along with our morals, conscience, sense of obligation to each other etc.

We will not be the cause of the destruction of planet Earth, but only because God has laid out how He will bring about the end of the world. That said, I do believe that we are to be good stewards. (plenty of verses on that) I also think that the less of any toxins we can use, the better. I am about sick of finding out that toys, food packaging etc has been made with toxins! We just don't need it!

Hopping off my soapbox soon, I will say that I was relieved to learn that our family carbon footprint is rather small, and that we will be able to make it even smaller soon. What that translates to in Christian terms is that we will inhabit this planet in a somewhat more Adam-like fashion. I will never value a tree over the eternal soul of man, but I do believe there is nothing wrong with living responsibly through better habits even while you fight the good fight, as they say.

Now, time to move back into Mom stuff and get dinner on.    :0)

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