Sunday, October 10, 2010

Out of Control

It is amazing, the way the entire world feels 'right' when one feels in control. For example, today the house is comfy and pictures are now up. Curtains have been hung, boxes unloaded, dishes washed... I feel in control of my little world. That feeling leads me to a level of comfort that is refreshing. Even the puppy, a scamp by nature, is behaving well and giving me loves by snuggling quietly in my lap.

When I realized that I had thought how good it feels to be in control, I naturally paused a moment to reflect on whether or not that was in any way against the Lord. A further realization made me think not, and yet even more comfortable. What was that second realization? Simply this: I feel that everything is under control... but I realize that the majority of it is under God's control. What a restful, peaceful thought!

My little world, as far as those things I can affect right here today; those things in my grasp are all 'okay'. Even better, however, those things I have no earthly control over are being tended by God! My health, and that of my family. Our safety... so many things are out of my control. Were I not a born again Christian, that would be frightening, but as His child it is a blessing! Says the Psalms (23) "The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want..."

I'll stop here, but the point stands. The Earth and all that in her is, are the Lord's. If you are His child, you are never out of control as long as you have ceded control to Him.