Saturday, July 3, 2010

3rd July

Just putting it out into the atmosphere that I'm a little nervous about trying to go to the fireworks tonight. I suppose that feeds off the fact that I'm in enough pain lately as to be somewhat discouraged. Do not take that admission for defeat, though. I know in time things will get better as I'm able to finally get some help. I beg God in prayer for that day.

Oh, by the way, lest you freak out that I miss church but am trying to attend the fireworks... they are down the street from me, close enough to be seen off my balcony anyway. It is all of a two minute car ride. The problem is that, and especially sitting on the lawn, are enough to send me reeling even further down the pain spiral.

Anyhow, sorry for complaining. I hate doing it but like I said, I'm a little low today. Prayers always welcome.