Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Big, Fat Pregnancy

I have recently become tired of looking up obesity and pregnancy online and only finding negative thoughts, opinions and facts. So here are some observations found online, followed by my own thoughts about my big, fat pregnancy. :)

1. Heavy/overweight women shouldn't get pregnant. Much weight should be lost before even considering it b/c of all of the complications.
       ~My thought... pregnancy is a gift of God. My health is of concern and is being dealt with, but the Lord saw fit to give us this most rare and treasured blessing so we wholeheartedly accept it. I believe a Christian falls pregnant when God allows it, so this baby is MINE and meant to be MINE and I have a right to it, no matter what web site says only skinny chicks have the right to conceive. So there!

2. Obese (How I hate that word!) women are less likely to feel baby movement, and may or may not ever *look* pregnant.

       ~I have always been sensitive to my anatomy, and began feeling this baby move around 14 weeks. It is a precious sensation, and I enjoy it immensely! Also, whether I look pregnant or not to you (or anyone else) is 100% irrelevant! 

       My husband and daughter are familiar with my body shape far more than anyone else, and we can see the changes. This is a beautiful thing to us; my child relishes the changing shape of her growing brother or sister as much as I have ever seen anyone in the world, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

3. Big gals are ashamed that they do not have the perfect bumps, and so do not post baby bump pictures online for view. Google pregnant belly... you will see that all of the women are 'normal' sized.

       ~I think this is a shame! I felt this way with my first daughter, as though being large (and I am much, much larger now) somehow meant that my pregnancy was not pretty enough to document. I have maybe two or three photos from the whole experience. This time around (at least for us), I want to have pics from start to finish. This goes with my thoughts on point two... WE know my body, and to us the changes are exciting and beautiful.

4. Big mommy = big baby = fat child. Overweight mommies spread the obesity epidemic to their children, contributing to the fat problem in the world. 

        ~Say what you will, skinny folk of the world, but not all big mommies make big babies. (I know a few that had six or seven pounders.) Not all big babies are fat children. My daughter was a body-breaking 12 pounds plus at birth, but just like her mommy has always enjoyed her veggies and fresh fruits. Gasp! What!? You are THAT fat, and like healthy food? YES! Have and always will! My daughter is a little taller than most kids her age, but she is in no way an unhealthy eater or a fat little girl. Shock and surprise, there are more things that contribute to weight than food. 

5. I just put five here b/c I am tired and 4 did not seem right... shouldn't there always be five points? haha

Anyway, you get the gist. Yes, I am morbidly obese, but I am as pregnant as I have ever been in my life and I thank God every single day for the miracle He has given. I refuse to be ashamed of being pregnant and huge, and I dare anyone to look me in the face and say I do not deserve this miracle based on my weight alone. Our road in parenting has been a hard one, yet one the Lord has seen fit to allow. We are pleased, blessed, elated beyond measure for this chance to add to our family!

If you feel the need to mention me, don't mention my size - mention the miracle that is being worked! If, however, you cannot see past my weight into my actual person all the best to you and don't bother crowding my world with your negative perceptions. They are not welcome here, and will never be.

PS... I am down over 40 pounds this pregnancy, and over 80 in the last year. :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

We're pregnant!

Seven years after the birth of our first daughter, our second child will be making her way into the world! We are so shocked, but blessed beyond measure at this wonderful turn of events. :)

I found some cute pregnancy tickers online and am not sure if they work or not but I'd like to see if it works on here, so I'm pasting the code I have. Sorry if it doesn't show up correctly...