Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sunburn and all :)

This week has really been a blessing overall. The sun was out much of the week, some weight was lost (10lbs), and life is quite literally 'springing' out all around us!

At the beginning of the week Becka was sick, but hubs got to head North for a chance to preach. The day was lovely and warm and he stopped along the way home for a rose bush, which he kindly planted for me in the landscaping out front. I am not sure how long, but it will eventually bloom with (hopefully large) beautiful yellow roses. I cannot wait! 

Other plants are joining the property as well. For one, the bulbs we bought (and planted) from 'tulips for tremors' last fall have grown leaves. I happily anticipate the lovely array of colors showing up any time now, cheering up the yard and saying to those who know it that we support our daughter and her benign tremors condition. Not all of the bulbs came up though, so I certainly need to purchase another round of them this fall. 

Wednesday afternoon we put up the swing set for our little girl and worked on the yard and other things. Chris had chopped down three out of four trees, so our yard no longer looks divided in half. I have to say, I love having a whole yard! It seems much larger than it used to! While Chris mowed the lawn and dealt with the tree stump I faced the house (and sun) and began to seed a tray of starts so 4-6 weeks from now we can begin a garden. The little one helped me enthusiastically, and together we laid in two types of tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, watermelon, carrots as well as morning glory and marigold seeds. There are already strawberry seeds germinating in the little greenhouse we got her for Christmas. :) I won't have a large garden later but if I can get one or two of each in the amount of space I'm planning on, we'd be really happy!

Both hubs and I have been burned nearly raw since then, but it is so nice to be something other than pale! A sunburn really is the very smallest of complaints when you get to enjoy time out in the yard with family. In fact, think I'll grab the tot and go back out there now! :)