Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our Family is Growing!

Two little faces have joined our family... Shih Tzu faces, in fact! :) Everyone, meet Kisses (short for 'kisses and hugs') and Joey!

Our new babies are 8 weeks old today, in contrast with Bindi's 8 months. They're already paper-trained, and are already remarkably making the transition to litter box quite well. Yay! lol I can't say there will be no hard stuff this time around, but hey, who could resist?  


  1. What?!?!?!? When did this all happen? (And when where, why, get the picture!) More info! ;)

  2. We'd been talking about a new puppy for a while, thinking Bindi needs to be part of a 'pack' (re: dog whisperer) instead of the much-humanized little sister. Yorkies are oh-so expensive so when these two came available cheaply even having had all their shots, dewormed and paper trained to boot, well, we just had to see them!

    Chris went prepared to bring home one - and came home with two! lol The lady was kind enough to discount the price since he bought both. Turns out Chris' little guy Joey is by far better paper trained than my little Kisses... who wants to make poop behind furniture. Not for long, little ma'am. Not for long!


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