Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Five year old poetry. (Not mine!)

Out of the blue last night my little girl said "I have a poem!" 

Even though I love poetry and write a few embarrassing amateur verses of my own, I have not made any sort of effort to teach her what a poem is. (We read one in her homework last week, but did not otherwise discuss it as it was just a little extra nicety and not part of the lesson.) So, when in the middle of drawing what were, I thought, a pretty good set of animals she blurted out that she had a poem I was surprised!

It is short, but I got so excited I grabbed a notebook and wrote down every word. Doesn't matter what the quality is, this is her first poem, so it is a keeper! I thought I would share it with you... she said "This is a chicken poem" before launching in, so I have used that as the title. 

A Chicken PoemR.W. Age 5

Chickens, chickens,
what lovely feathers you have!

Why do you eat hay?
And you see daisies laugh and dance!

They dance as they go... (brief pause)
and do a silly daisy dance. 

I wish I could somehow convey her inflection in saying her poem - it was so believable. I was so tickled! I still am! :) Chickens may not eat hay, but that lesson may be taught later. For now I am just pleased at punch that somewhere inside her resides a little poet! Put this together with the many, many little books she writes and illustrates in everyday play and perhaps, just perhaps we have a little writer on our hands. 

*happy sigh* 

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  1. How cute! She's got some of her Momma's artistic side! :)


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