Sunday, September 5, 2010


Wow! So, it finally happened! We moved and are for all intents and purposes residents in our new neighborhood! The first neighborhood in years of our marriage! 

Closing day was exciting and stressful; our closing paperwork was completed and we were waiting on the wire transfer which, inexplicably was not coming through. We were told if it did not get through by 5pm we would face yet another delay... yikes! At two minutes to five we got the call; the transfer came through at 4:56pm!! Hallelujah! Chris told me he got the keys in hand and I replied in the only way that was on my mind after this wait: "Don't give them to ANYONE else!" haha

Eager to get into our home and start the process, we loaded up the car and headed over with nothing to sleep or sit on but one air mattress. (I only used it at night, for fear it would deflate... they all seem to, you know?) Three nights we used the mattress and two full days I sat on the carpet... my body was KILLING me! Even so, it was the strangest happy feeling I have ever had in the world!

As we drove up to the house it was familiar, from all the pictures hubs had taken for me. Even at that, pulling into the driveway was like being asleep. I saw it all, and I saw nothing at the same time. The garage door opened and instantly I smelled it... the same smell of my mother's father's woodshed! Stepping out of the car, I walked for the first time the pathway leading off the driveway around the corner to the front door. Yes, I live here, but you cannot enter your home for the first time ever through the garage!!

Chris rang the bell so we could hear the chime. It was loud enough, but definitely not overpowering; pleasant in its own way. The first thing that got me, however, was the smell. All the houses and modular homes that my parents had visited and never been able to purchased smelled just like this... it was the smell of 'new'! I felt guilty and excited in an odd blend, just that second. I was still seeing everything and absolutely nothing. To be honest, walking through it was a bit of a blur. I could probably only describe it to you in terms of the pictures that are already up on Facebook.

The last three days were incredibly long, as Chris had to work, but when yesterday arrived, bringing with it the movers and our furniture I suddenly went from living in a semi-real hotel feeling (I was literally waiting for the suited manager to ring the doorbell and declare our time was up!) to having the sense that yes, I was in fact, home!

The moment I truly relaxed came when my husband hung up my lighthouse wind chimes (the first I've owned) just outside the double door over the patio, and the breeze blowing through the house (we have the best cross-breeze ever - exactly what I'd hoped for!) sent them into a shimmer of tinkling that was neither too quiet nor too loud. I felt every muscle settle and I watched the trees rustle, truly content.

There will be so much more involved in our journey of settling in; I am sure I will return to blogging instead of being neglectful, even if that happens slowly. As of today, I can tell you buying a home is already paying off in mind, body and spirit. The Lord is greater than we deserve; may He help us to use this home to His glory, and keep us able to pay for it!


  1. I would've loved to see a picture of your lighthouse wind chimes! Is it an antique?

  2. No, just a quick purchase from Ebay so I would have one to put up immediately! lol I'll take pics as soon as I find the charger for my camera batts! :)


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