Tuesday, September 7, 2010

In Perfect Peace

Another day in the new house, and so much to do! Instead of hopping right to it, I decided to keep some enjoyment in the 'new' of it all and intentionally settle in slowly like hubby and I said we would. 

I am learning that resting is something you must practice. The human instinct when things need to be done is something akin to stress; maybe not the worried kind of stress, but some level of it nonetheless. I also learned that the stress reaction in humans is chemically the same reaction seen in all of nature right before a creature is about to be attacked and possibly killed by a predator. 

Think about that for a moment. Our flight is late, or traffic is jammed when we need to get to work RIGHT NOW and our mind directs our bodies to jump into "I'm going to die!" mode chemically. It is no wonder that experts say stress kills! Each time we do this a toll, however small, is taken on our hearts. 

Is it any wonder then, that in His perfect Word, God speaks so many times on contentment? He would have us to be at peace with our brethren, with Him and within our own hearts and minds. Says Isaiah 26:3 "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. The Bible says again in 1 Timothy 6 verse 6 "But godliness with contentment is great gain." 

That second verse is an even better example because the chapter begins discussing employment (gain) and the Christian. He reminds us of what kind of servants we aught to be (How often do you allow yourself to embrace that word 'servant' rather than become offended by it?), then brings that reminder to the more important point that we entered this world naked, having brought nothing with us and will leave with with the same inability to bring material things along. 

Take time today and look into God's Word. See how many instances you can find where He recommends to you personally to strive for and attain contentment. I can say from experience that it did not take a new house for me to be content, though it is indeed a blessing. The Lord has allowed us to experience that wonderful feeling even during some pretty painful times. How special, how undeserved that our loving Heavenly Father would not only provide our needs (as He knows them better than us), but that even in serving Him He wants us to be calm, content and would keep us in perfect peace. Your mind need not rush your pulsing blood into panic over anything, He says, much less the little things! Sanity (the result of acceptance and contentment) is God's gift to YOU, today and always.

May God bless your day with some of His peace, and may you also find time to relax on purpose! Remember, the most important half of Isaiah 26:3 is 'whose mind is stayed on Thee'. Keep your beautifully-created mind on the Lord. Trust in Him even when it hurts to give up control, and reap the benefits today and always. God bless!

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