Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Rain

What an absolutely beautiful day! It was sunny and hot, then a refreshing summer rain fell. The landowners had mowed the lawn earlier too, so that coupled with the rain made for a really fresh-smelling rainfall.

There is not a lot going on in fluffy mummy land today, but I am soaking in every minute of it anyway. :)  It is a good feeling to realize that no matter what life brings, we can be happy! I was reminded today of the year I spent depressed and on medication, and how this far out I am still becoming a little more myself every day. I cannot help but feel thankful and joyful; our Lord has been so good to me!

When I got married, like many young people, I had an exact idea of what it was going to be. Then life did the usual and began to kick us from every side. First finding out about our 'mild' infertility, then going through miscarriages, then the years of having a sick and broken baby. Just when things began to look up I had to be honest with myself and everyone and realized I was and had been very, very depressed. 

Fast forward two and a half years from that diagnosis, and I am much happier, but still find myself feeling sad when life hands us lemons and happy when we make lemonade! It took eight years, but I am just now truly accepting that this is what life does: it rolls along up and down - sometimes gently like the green hills of Ohio, sometimes much more sharply like the peaks and valleys of the Grand Canyon or a steep mountain range. It is up to us to climb out of the valleys, rest on the plateaus and keep growing as we go. 

No longer a child or naive youth, I am a woman. I have seen that life swerves and dips, rises and falls, and I accept that with grace, peace and the ever-welcome contentment that God offers when we trust in Him. I do not have to fall apart when the valleys dip. I can shed a tear or two if I need, but then with God's strength I can mount (as He says) on Eagle's wings and soar back up. 

I cannot vouch for tomorrow, but on this beautiful day of refreshing and renewing summer rain, I am better than okay; I accept my life as it is, and I am very happy!

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