Saturday, May 22, 2010

Night and Day

What a difference a day makes! Last night I signed off into a pleasant evening... right before my little girl took a turn for the worse. Before I knew it her cough turned into the kind that is more of a hoarse bark with whooshing gasps in between. I looked up whooping cough and then viewed videos of it online, only to hear almost exactly the same cough she was making. I was terrified, but we had given her some Tylenol for coughs so we decided to wait and see if that would kick in.

Fifteen minutes later she was still coughing and sucking for air. Hubs prayed over her and it stopped! Praise the Lord, it stayed stopped through the night. She resumed the same awful coughing/sucking/whooshing/more coughing this morning before seven, so we decided to take her in and have her seen. There was no reason to risk it being something lighter, you know?

Praise the Lord again, she does not have whooping cough! She is on antibiotic medicine for the next five days to help her get better and to keep it out of her lungs, but after that she should be fine using OTC medicine. I am so thankful to have an urgent care center right next door, and admittedly a little nervous to no longer have that security once we move. (Hopefully we'll move this fall!) Still the Lord is in control of all, and He knows how to provide our needs and what/when we most need [of] Him.

This situation with her did make me revisit my faith. After our struggle with miscarriages at first and then infertility, I began to quash the urge to be hopeful. After being burned a couple of big times, I also quashed the need to trust people very easily. This morning I realized that I have finally trusted the Lord's hand in allowing us to build this home or not, but I do not trust Him with my child? That seemed half-committed, and I had to repent of it immediately, replacing my trust and asking forgiveness for ever withholding it. It was not too long afterwards that we got the good news for her.

A lot of people in the world approach God and the Bible from the point of unbelief. That is natural for people who hold no relationship with Him or are skeptical, but it is not okay of His own children. We are to live in faith - with our testimony bolstered by our works, not the other way around. Part of being a parent is submitting not just yourself but your child(ren) to the will of God and to His care. It is not simple coincidence that brings about good things after prayer. It is not karma or the greater sense that we somehow earned good will in our lives. It is heartbreaking when people would rather credit non-existent theories (karma) than a loving, caring God who it is declared " shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus".

Believer or not, there are far too many 'coincidences' (even the 'bad' ones) shaping our lives for God not to be involved. I give Him credit for the facets of my life, and honor and praise His  name for He is good. What a truly blessed day I am living, and what a mighty God we serve!

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