Saturday, May 22, 2010

Change begets change...

It has happened... when I created I knew there was the possibility that the day would come when I needed to delete it and go with a free version like so many other people already choose to do. I did not think that day would be today, or that it would come so quickly.

This transition will be good for me, however, as it comes for a good reason. We are in the process of getting things settled into place to build a small home for ourselves. This means that I will be on 'free blogging' site at least until October, perhaps longer. In the meantime we are scaling back all expenses that we can in order to arrange a more secure financial situation as regards moving expenses and what have you.

Today is Friday, and I hope to have the definite 'go ahead' on paper by a week from today. I would venture to say that this coming week is going to be long and restless but I thought that of this last week and it has literally flown by so quickly!

I am off for now, as I need to pick out colors and photos for this new blog set up. I do hope to retain some sense of what I had going on at my web site, or similar. If you have managed to find me here, let me say "THANK YOU!" and that I hope this jump is not an inconvenience in any way. Goodnight, moon, and God bless you all, my friends. :)

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