Friday, July 22, 2011

Time, Tissues, and Issues

I cannot believe another Friday is upon us! Honestly, it seems as though a week is only about three days long anymore! Do not mistake this for complaining, though. Merely a comment on the passing of time. I have a theory that the days seem shorter as we grow older because each single day is continually a smaller fraction of our overall life. It makes sense to me that a day would seem never-ending when we are little and zips on by more quickly every year, using that theory. 

This week has been really relaxed. I have mostly vegged out on the couch with my laptop, meds and several boxes of tissues. My priceless treasure has alternately played in her room, cleaned in her room (never for long), snuggled in my lap with her skin so hot, or - as is the case right now - been sacked out in front of the kid-movie Despicable Me. I am pretty sure I can only see it one or two more times before it joins the Toy Story movies on the 'gonna make me nuts if I ever see it again' list! hehe

While I do not relish being all sneezy and gooey, getting sick always provides an unbidden reminder to slow down. I had planned on starting school in July again this year. This week would have been week one of second grade. Instead I have yet to begin writing up her coursework. The nice part is, I am not stressed about it, but just taking things in stride. The house is a mess, too. That is driving me a little bit nuts, but again, taking it in stride. haha 

The day will come when I feel well and energized. In the meantime it is okay to slow down when you need to. What is the rush in this life, anyway? I can guarantee you that when we get to Heaven we are not going to be stressed and rushed, worried sick about making it to one golden street or another 'in time'. 

I often wonder how the fast-pace affects our Christian life. Even in the best churches there is such a work, work, work mentality that people sometimes become burnt out laboring for the Lord. While we should have a sense of urgency (notice I did not say stress) over the state of souls, is it really such a big deal to always push, push, push the next promotion or event? At some point a balance needs to be struck between doing the good work, and being supportive and uplifting of the workers. 

Take the time to thank the pianist or the pastor. Pat those ladies on the back who always do the set-up and clean-up work. Better yet, pitch in. They are taking extra time out of a day that is tiring for everyone. (What is it about Christian fellowship that makes us need a nap? The bellies full of food? haha) 

Anyway, I do not mean to preach. I hope against hope to someday again be full-time at a church piano somewhere, and doing a weekly bulletin, and planning events. Those actions were so fulfilling for me and I grieve them as a real loss in my life. In the meantime though, to all who are 'doing the work behind the Work', I say "Thank you! I praise the Lord for you! Your pastor praises the Lord for you! You are valuable to your siblings in Christ, even beyond the value of your hard work" :) 

I also say to them, do not be afraid to rest when you need it. There are plenty of brothers and sisters who should be willing to fill in here and there. After all, it is supposed to be 'we labor together', not 'we watch the few do ALL the labor'... just something to think about. :)

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