Friday, June 17, 2011

Old poem left in the 'draft' folder...

Remind me to pray, Lord, when my faith is weak.
Remind me to pray when for comfort I seek.

Remind me my cause in life is not to groan,
Not to whimper, be grudging, or to moan.

Remind me that when You died on the cross
It was for souls who couldn't sustain the loss.
A life lived for others, for us all to be free.
Sin-debt paid with the innocent blood of deity.

Remind me to grasp in hope, not at straws.
Remind me in your eyes I am not a lost cause.
Remind me these garments of shame I, self-inflicted, wear
Were placed by my weakness, and not to despair. 

Carry my burden, when I cannot lift my eyes
to Heaven above or to You, Father of the skies.
Wash gently my wounds. Hear the beseeching of my soul.
Listen, oh God, and softly remind of Your control.

By Heaven above, I beg You these paltry things.
By Your Son, so magnificent; at whose garments I cling.
Bring Your release, sweet, soft and assured,
to my tortured soul; pathetic and absurd.

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