Saturday, April 23, 2011

No words, but oh, so much gratitude and worship.

I cannot even begin to describe to you how thoughts of the death and resurrection of our Lord affect me. From the moment I truly accepted Jesus Christ as Lord of my life (age 14), I have never, ever been able to look at His death the same way. What is more, I still cannot seem to hold myself together - even telling the story to my lovely little daughter. I am so affected. 

The important question is this; is that a daily affect on my life, or just a story revisited time-to-time? I say with my heart, the effect of God's death on the cross reaches into my life continually. How, once being told that our sin - my sin - put Him on the cross, could I not be affected if I am His child? There is no amount of justification or excuse that could change the facts. God Almighty loved me so much that He sent forth His Son. He was not sent to be adored and worshiped, but to be reviled and spat upon. He was sent to be tested in all things that are common to man. 

Before my earliest great-grandparent was even thought of, God knew that I would go through miscarriage and depression, rejection, loneliness and great pain. He knew intimately what these things would do to me and that I would need someone to reach out to when nobody else was aware or could understand. Knowing these things, He found me worthy, when I find myself so unworthy and for ME, He sent His Son. 

I ask you, how in the world could I not give back every inch of my life to this marvelous Savior? How could I remember His death on the cross as if I had witnessed it and not weep? Life is so different for each Christian. It is ever-rich in experiences, good and bad, and ever-evolving. How could anyone live unaware of Him or unwilling to make changes in their lives for and because of Him? I truly have no words to explain how deeply the Man from Galilee still affects and changes me, but I do have oh, so much gratitude and worship in my heart for Him.

Thank You, Heavenly Father, for your most precious sacrifice. Forgive us for the times we take our salvation for granted and slack off in our service (whatever that may be). Help us to remember this time of year and always what we owe back to You, and gratefully offer up our lives in return. Amen.

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  1. Wow, what awesome thoughts..may it affect me more deeply!


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