Saturday, February 19, 2011

Which brings us to today.

The last blog ran long, so there was not room to include what I am putting in this one.
 I did realize the negative way I was feeling and allowing my pain to guide my thoughts instead of living happily in spite of it. At the same time, the realization that the weather has been a chilly but tolerable temperature hit SO, my little sweetheart and I bundled up and went out to the back patio (?) to enjoy some evening sunshine and fresh air. Granted, it felt like fresh air you might find in a fridge, but a warm sweater, blanket and a pillow to prop my back on made it as nice as it could possibly be. Having the doggy snuggling in my lap didn't hurt either. ;)

It is impossible to breathe in my first fresh air since December 25th, laughing with my girl as she played back and forth and not feel better. 

When we came back inside we broke into my make up and took a ton of pictures for daddy ranging from 'okay' to outright nonsense! hehe We also took a picture of the rocks she had collected from the yard, and later daddy went out and took a nice picture of the full moon. :)

By supper and even now I can still feel the same grinding, BUT my heart is lighter and my outlook is better too. Both of those things make this a very good day!


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