Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Poem

I found a poem half-finished on the computer, so I went ahead and finished it today.

Lord, how many times can a heart be broken?
How many tears in a lifetime can fall?
How many excuses can be made as a token
for not giving up, giving in, and answering the call?
How much guilt can come, unbidden, haunting?
How much shame can one person bear?
How much sorrow and trying fruitlessly
to fix things, without first trying prayer?
Why is it in my nature to resist, to control?
To try to take things into my own two hands?
Why try to handle it all alone, unqualified
when nobody but Jesus actually can?
I am my greatest stumbling block;
I cause my own most painful falls.
My soul winces at my efforts, so pitiful,
common sense muted in echoless halls.
Where is the motivation and action
to place behind weakened, but Godly, desire?
Where has the ‘do it now’ drive driven
that would get me out of this mire?
If normal everyday life can be torture,
and being just ‘good’ cause me such shame,
what hope is left for this wretched beggar
but to selfishly call upon Jesus’ name?
He created me, that almighty God.
He knew I was weak in mind, heart and flesh.
He gets glory from those weak cries of mine.
His perfect strength my efforts enmesh.
The sinful but blood-covered soul
in His eyes shines like purest gold.
Grief over sinful self, overcome by His blood.
A life daily changed something to behold.
So how many times can a heart be broken?
How many tears in a lifetime can fall?
More than can ever be counted, are counted precious
when the life has given over to His call.

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  1. That really spoke to me. I could really relate. It's a very good poem. Thanks for sharing.


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